Patch with wood vinegar (Mutsu) - to remove toxins and toxins through the soles of the feet

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Patch with wood vinegar (Mutsu) - to remove toxins and toxins through the soles of the feet The patch consists of: wood vinegar powder, a bag for wood vinegar, adhesive base (plaster). The pouch is made of paper-cellophane film and medical material by hot fusion. The materials are non-toxic. The contents of the bag are hermetically sealed. Powder composition:

Wood vinegar (beech, oak, cherry, etc.) has an absorption effect, regulates the activity of internal organs; tourmaline mineral emits infrared rays and negative ions, opens pores, enhances metabolism, stimulates blood circulation; chitosan has a unique effect of removing and absorbing toxins; starch absorbs moisture containing poisons excreted from the body. Thanks to the high adsorption capacity of wood vinegar and the infrared effect of tourmaline, blood circulation in the body is greatly improved , toxins are eliminated. The adhesive base of the patch is made of a special non-toxic medical adhesive. The glue does not dry out. Purpose: used for poisoning, alcohol and drug intoxication, fever, various allergic diseases, etc. The patch should be used in areas of reflex points on the soles of the feet, and the patch effectively relieves pain symptoms in the neck, elbows joints, lower back, knee joints. The patch is also indispensable for removing edema. Method of application: remove the adhesive film from the bag; apply the patch with a bag on the sore spot for 6-8 hours. Remove the patch after the recommended time. Clean the patch site. The pads should be used for 8-10 hours at night, but not more than 12 hours.
The pads should be used for 6-8 hours during the day.
The cleansing course is 20-60 days, depending on the disease.< br> With ARVI, acute respiratory infections, fever 1-7 days.
For prevention, the course of cleansing should be carried out 1-2 times a year.

Note:1. It is strictly forbidden to apply a plaster on open wounds and ulcers.2. It is forbidden to apply the patch to places where there are signs of skin diseases (fungus, eczema, etc.).3. Use immediately after opening.4. It is not recommended to remove the powder from the bag.5. Keep out of reach of children.6. If discomfort occurs during the use of the patch, you should immediately stop using it.

The main purpose of the "Mutsu" patch is to cleanse the blood and lymph. The patch carries out the process of removing toxins and toxins through the soles of the feet, excess water from the body , helps to eliminate and prevent various types of tumors, and also takes part in the microcirculation of the body.
This patch is used for rheumatism, osteochondrosis, joint pain, and also has general strengthening properties.
Our body is constantly exposed to intoxication from the environment, as well as from food products that contain harmful substances. In the absence of purification, toxins accumulate in our body every day, forming poisonous deposits, resulting in various diseases and chronic overwork. Accumulated toxic deposits poison the body, contribute to the development of inflammatory processes in organs, joints, tissues. As a result, the reproduction of harmful bacteria, weakening of the immune system and the manifestation of chronic diseases.
Therefore, in order to maintain good health, increase vitality and protect the body from harmful effects and exacerbate chronic diseases, we need constant cleaning of toxins accumulated in the body. The sole of the foot is considered "the second human heart", where the reflex points of all organs of the body are located. Therefore, wood boron plasters glued to the soles of the feet before going to bed contribute to the removal of toxic substances through the points located on the soles of the feet, thereby contributing to the improvement of well-being and health. research, with the help of advanced technologies, the quality of the manufactured goods is checked. Currently, more than 30 employees with higher and secondary education are engaged in research activities. It is they who play a major role in the research and development of medicines, and also confirm the quality of goods. Thanks to these people, the company is developing rapidly.
The main goal of the company is the production of high-quality, sought-after drugs, and the development of pharmacology.

The main characteristics of the patch - antioxidant "Mutsu":
1. Mutsu has a strong adsorption effect, has a binding effect;
2. Mutsu removes endoxin;
3. Mutsu has no side effects, does not contain painkillers;
4. Mutsu antioxidant patch action is transmitted through channels and points in the body, thus treatment is carried out;
5. The MuTsu antioxidant patch is suitable in herbal medicine.
Methods of using the MuTsu antioxidant patch:
1. application of the MuTsu antioxidant patch on the foot;
2. application of the patch (stickers) on the painful area, incl. on the legs, neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees, etc.;
3. To increase the effect, apply the patch in the areas of reflex points on the sole of the foot.
The effect of the MuTsu antioxidant patch:
< /strong>- removal of toxic substances, action of anion, action of far infrared rays;
- treatment of rheumatism and removal of toxins;
- removal of swelling and pain relief;
- blood purification;
- increase in vitality myocardial energy;
- improved blood circulation;
- increased immunity of the body;
- elimination of fatigue;
- increased vitality;
- improved sleep.
The main features of MuTsu: Initially, the antioxidant patch is white in color, it changes to a yellow-brown or darker color - this means the release of endoxin from the body. If the disease proceeded for a long time and was accompanied by severe consequences, then the substance on the patch will be darker in color and more astringent. In this case, use the patch until the color becomes lighter. Based on the foregoing, you can independently see the state of your body
Before use: white patch with fine dry powder
After use: the patch becomes dark due to the absorption of harmful substances from the body.
With further use, the MuTsu antioxidant patch becomes lighter.
After cleansing, the skin improves, the body as a whole is rejuvenated.
It is also used as a prophylaxis and prevention of diseases in order to stay young and healthy longer.

Method of using MuTsu:
Use the antioxidant on the soles or in painful areas.
water, (warm feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes), dry.
2. To cleanse the blood, it is recommended to stick on the middle of the feet
3. Put:
The first 10 patches - after 2 nights on the third.< br> the next 10 patches - through the night, after 2 nights, through the night, after 2 nights.
the next 10 patches - after 2 nights for the third.
The rest according to well-being. After that, you can apply patches to problem areas.< br> Usually the patch is stuck on both soles of the feet (or sore, problematic place) before going to bed and removed after waking up. The used patch is not suitable for reuse
The main course is one package of MuTsu.
It is forbidden to put the patch in the mouth, as this product is not a food product. Do not use the patch on areas of skin with scratches, rashes, manifestations of allergies. Keep away from children. Shelf life 3 years
Manufacturer: Harbin pharmaceutical company "I KAN", China
Certified in Russia, has an international certificate and awards.

Customer reviews have appeared. At our request, they share their experience with the patch. If you have something to tell about the application of the patch, we are looking forward to your feedback:

Tatiana, 51 years old , Vladivostok.I have been an accountant for many years. For several years, my right arm and neck went numb, it was impossible to hold a pen. I began to use the MUCU patch. I put one night on the soles, the second night on the neck. I took a course of 20 days. It became much easier. I'll repeat the course in a month. By the way, I started sleeping better.

Marina, 47 years old. Mines.A friend gave me some patches. I didn’t believe in them at all, but the pain in my leg was unbearable, especially at night. And since I was on my feet, I didn’t care what to use, as long as it helped. To my surprise, after the first application, the pain became much less and I worked easier during the day. I put it on the sole, so that's where the leg hurts, there the plaster was almost black in the morning. Of course, everything didn’t go completely for me, but I have already prescribed a full course for myself and will be treated until I win.

Yuliya, 37 years old, OrenburgI have this problem. If I drink even a little, in the morning I will definitely get swollen, my eyes are slits. And at night he will twist his legs, sleep is not in one eye. But on holidays, anyway, at least a little, but you have to drink. I bought a patch in China for my mother, they said there that it heals joints, for half a year it lay safely, and then I decided to try it, because I found an annotation on this site. I was surprised that all night, firstly, I slept without hind legs, and secondly, I got up well-rested, cheerful, and not swollen a single gram, although in the evening my husband and I were with friends. I immediately ordered another box, as my husband tried the patch after the meeting of the New Year, and got up in the morning without a hangover and no need for any alcohol-seltzer.

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